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Daren Klum, ABC/Disney

"If you are struggling to find the right sound then use the incredible network of musicians at SessionPlayers.com. 

It's truly amazing."

You are now in control of your music from start to finish.

The Internet is now the single best way to record, mix, manufacture, publish, promote, distribute, and sell your music.

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Endorsements and Press:

Mix Magazine Features Sessionplayers.com May 2006
Long Distance Session Work
May 1, 2006 12:00 PM, BY GEORGE PETERSEN

BMI Honors Composers of Top Movies, TV Shows and Cable Programs at 2006 Film/TV Awards

I would like to thank Sessionplayers.com for playing a strong role in my recent success. They have provided an invaluable service by allowing immediate access to the musicians that can make a difference. I believe this tool has given me a competitive edge and I recommend them highly.

Michael Corcoran - Winner 2005-06

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Minneapolis to observe the production of one of the winning songs of the All-Star Session Contest. Our members entered songs for the chance to be produced by some of the best players, producers and engineers in the world through Sessionplayers.com. After watching these guys work, that’s an understatement.
(more from the founders blog)

Roy Elkins - President and Founder of Broadjam.com

Sessionplayers.com is an amazing service for the global music community. I run a full service production house. Recently, when a deadline loomed close, SP provided stellar tracks with a 24 hour turnaround and thanks to the wonder of the internet, we totally bypassed FedEx! Upon our approval of mp3's, the tracks were ready for download. We dropped them into our session and looked like heros to our demanding client.

Sam Glaser-Glaser Musicworks

Whenever I have songs ready to record, Sessionplayers.com is my first call. I consider my experience recording with them to be a privilege that has not only been creatively rewarding, but has increased my level of musicianship as well. So, if you want musical excellence, you have found the right place. I enthusiastically and whole-heartedly recommend this service!

John Johnston-Intrepid Sound

After years of constantly searching for the "right" players to compliment a particular musical piece for an artist, film, TV show or ad campaign, Sessionplayers.com has become my one-stop-shop to fill the void regardless of style or genre, always helping us to deliver under budget and stay on schedule.

J.C.- Chez Music Group

All I can say about Sessionplayers is WOW! I was putting the finishing touches on my CD and ran into a bind without a final guitar track. They set me up with the perfect player who gave me exactly what was missing. The quality I got makes me feel like even an independent artist like me can compete with the big boys.

Mike Simoneaux- Independent artist

Its like a musical version of a kid in a candy store. To me, sessionplayers.com is a great tool for achieving that creative aspect of choice and I would highly recommend it! Very pleased with the results!!

Richard Tausch-Published Songwriter

Working with SessionPlayers.com was fantastic in every way! I had a corporate client who needed a song written and recorded in a very short timeframe . With my client and producer located in the Midwest I think SessionPlayers was the only way we would have been able to get this song done on time. To say the process was impressive would be an understatement....and I have one very happy client as proof! Thank you very much guys...you are the best!

Lisa Gratz-Published Songwriter

SessionPlayers.com is an incredible service! Through them I had the great opportunity to work with Gregg and Matt Bissonette who's incredible playing really raised the level of my song beyond my greatest expectations on top of being great guys to deal with. Everything went very smooth from scheduling to the actual session to receiving my completed files. Great work guys! Thanks again!

Jason Sadites- Independent Artist

Joey Finger has a fantastic company called sessionplayers.com ....It is very professionally run and both my brother Matt and I love doing sessions for him!!

Gregg Bissonette -LA Session and Touring drummer

From our friends at Mix Magazine


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